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Galaxy Differential Pressure Gauges in Morta industrial area Meerut Uttar Pradesh

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Dial Size4 inch / 100 mm
UsePharmaceutical Industries
Display TypeAnalog
Pressure TypeDifferential Pressure
Connection TypeNPT
Connection Size1/8 inch
Dial TypeDry

Differential pressure gauges, often referred to as DP gauges or ΔP gauges, are instruments used to measure the difference in pressure between two points in a fluid system. They are commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications where monitoring and controlling pressure differences are critical. Here's an overview of differential pressure gauges:

  1. Basic Principle: Differential pressure gauges operate on the principle of comparing the pressure at two different points within a system. They consist of two pressure sensing elements connected to the two points of interest, and the gauge displays the pressure difference between these points.

  2. Types of Differential Pressure Gauges:

    • Bourdon Tube Differential Pressure Gauge: This type of gauge uses two Bourdon tubes connected to the two pressure points. The difference in pressure causes the tubes to deform, which is then mechanically linked to a pointer on a dial to display the pressure difference.

    • Diaphragm Differential Pressure Gauge: Diaphragm gauges use flexible diaphragms that deform under the influence of pressure differences. The diaphragm's deformation is then translated into a reading on the gauge face.

    • Piston Differential Pressure Gauge: These gauges employ a piston mechanism to detect and display the pressure difference between two points. The piston moves in response to the pressure difference and is connected to a pointer on the gauge dial.

    • Electromagnetic Differential Pressure Gauge: This type of gauge uses the electromagnetic force generated by the movement of a diaphragm or other sensing element to provide a digital or analog output of the pressure difference.

  3. Applications:

    • HVAC Systems: Differential pressure gauges are used to monitor and control air and water pressure in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

    • Filter Monitoring: In industrial settings, they are used to monitor the condition of filters, such as air filters in HVAC systems or filters in chemical processing plants.

    • Flow Measurement: Differential pressure is used to measure the flow rate of gases and liquids through pipes and conduits.

    • Pressure Regulation: They are used in systems where maintaining a specific pressure difference is crucial, like in natural gas distribution or chemical manufacturing.

    • Cleanrooms: In cleanroom environments, differential pressure gauges are used to ensure that there is a controlled pressure difference to prevent contamination.


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